When taking a water sample from your home, be sure to eliminate any possibility of contamination, so as to receive most accurate results. A water sample from the kitchen sink, for example, could contain bacteria from last night's dishes, your hands, or even your pet. 

  1. Wash and rinse your hands before collecting the water sample.
    (It's ok to leave them wet, in case your towel has bacteria!)
  2. Turn on the cold water, and let it run for about 30 seconds before testing.
  3. Hold the sample container close to the water stream.
  4. With your other hand, remove the seal and open the cap carefully, so as not to touch any surfaces. Do not out the cap down. Touch only the top part of the cap which does not come in contact with the water.
  5. Fill the container so that it overflows, while holding the cap nearby. Do not put the cap down.
  6. Quickly put the cap back on the container, and tighten.
  7. Now you have the best possible water sample for testing in about 20 seconds!



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