Drilling a fresh water well on Cape Cod requires years of local experience.

Sandy soil and salt water each present different challenges, especially in wells that must be located near the ocean edge. Brackish water will not suffice for drinking or other domestic use without treatment.

Fresh vs Salt Water 
On the optimistic side, when there is plenty of rain, the fresh water level will rise higher than sea level. Where the ground is permeable, there may even be freshwater springs beneath the ocean, close to shore. But unless rain is consistent from one year to the next, or too much is extracted, the supply of fresh water may become unreliable.
Water at higher levels always flows until it equals the level of water in a lower elevation, (unless prevented by impermeable ground.)

Sometimes, due to gradual geological or rainfall changes, fossil water can be “walled in” for thousands of years, neither accumulating nor depleting. Once it’s gone, its’ gone. The trick for All Cape Well Drilling, is to identify and acquire the most renewable fresh water resource available beneath a given plot of land - the aquifer.

Drilling in Sandy Soil
Drilling in sand, the first 10 or 20 feet are easy. But about that depth, sand collapses on the drill pipe, making it impossible to move. Sometimes a 20 foot well might be just deep enough in coastal and beach areas where standing water levels are very high. But if the water is brackish, the well must be deeper. In sand, we may need to employ special two-pipe techniques, pumping water in to allow the drill the freedom to bore to greater depths.

So if you have a well that has run dry from depletion of fossil water, or begins to produce brackish water, it’s time to contact All Cape Well Drilling, with experience in sand and salt water on the Cape for over 20 years.


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