Now that winter is here, homeowners who rely on well water pumps may wonder how to ensure the safety of their wells throughout the cold season. If you’re concerned about the condition of your well water pump this winter, All Cape Well Drilling on Cape Cod offers the following well maintenance tips. Our well drilling professionals have been helping those with wells make sure they are properly prepared, no matter the season.

Well Maintenance Tips If Using Wells

  • Insulate Plumbing: Make sure all plumbing related to your well is covered with effective heat tape and an insulated wrapping. Cover up your filter, pressure tank, PRVs, and any switches to keep them from freezing.
  • Check Air Seal: Before the snow starts to bury the area where your well house lid meets the ground, it should be properly sealed. You can use mulch or soil to keep any air from escaping or moisture from going inside.
  • Use Your Water Regularly: Remember that running water does not freeze. This winter, make sure you run your water regularly. If the water from your well stands still for an extended period of time, it can freeze and cause bigger problems when temperatures drop further.

Well Maintenance Tips If Not Using Wells

  • Shut It Down: If you don’t plan to use your well this winter, make sure you’ve properly shut the control system down. This includes draining any lines to lessen the risk of any stagnant water freezing and opening all valves.  
  • Use Antifreeze: Filling any toilets that are connected to your well water pump’s system with plumber’s antifreeze will help ensure they still work properly when you return in the spring.

If you need help getting your well water pump ready for the colder weather or want more well maintenance tips, call (or text) the professionals at All Cape Well Drilling, on Cape Cod at 508-246-6646.


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